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KUHNE Group is pleased to announce……

Kuhne Group Announces the Appointment of

Adolfo Edgar as Vice President, Blown Film Systems

Adolfo Edgar

The Kuhne Group is pleased to announce the appointment of a seasoned plastics industry sales manager to lead their sales initiatives in the North American marketplace. Adolfo Edgar joins the company bringing over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and manufacturing operations management. Most recently he held sales management positions at Brampton Engineering and Macro Engineering & Technology. Mr. Edgar received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Catholic University in Peru and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business in Ontario.

Working out of his home office in Mississauga, Canada, Mr. Edgar will be the direct contact for all US and Canadian customers. He will be involved in the selling and service management of Kuhne’s blown film equipment that include:

- conventional blown film lines for the production of non barrier and barrier films up to 11 layers,

- triple bubble blown film lines for the production of biaxially stretched coextruded barrier films with up to 13 layers with controllable shrink for the production of shrink bags for meat, cheese, sausages, furthermore for lid film and coextruded film as an alternative to metalized laminated structures or structures with aluminum,

- and water quench blown film lines for the production of non barrier and barrier films and films for medical applications with up to 11 layers.

With these 3 blown film technologies the Kuhne Group offers the largest portfolio of blown film machinery in the industry. With 100+ water quench lines in operation throughout the world, Kuhne has sold more of these lines than any other supplier.

“We have seen great success in the market with our significant technical developments in Blown Film equipment. We are confident Adolfo can continue to build on our growing market share in North America and will provide the highest level of support our customers have grown to expect from us,” said Peter Kuhne, President of Kuhne Group.  “Kuhne offers a number of significant technical developments that are ideal for the North American Market. Our turn-key blown film system technology offers processors another credible choice in the marketplace.”

Lines manufactured by the Kuhne Group benefit from high engineering competence as well as from the company’s profound raw material and processing expertise. Customers are provided with tailored machine technology as well as ready-for-production, turnkey product solutions, even for special requirements. All extrusion lines supplied by Kuhne are available with energy saving direct drive (gearless) extruders for additional savings and faster ROI.








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